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Bamboo toothbrush medium

Discover the strong bamboo tooth brush by My Boo Company! Specially designed for adults and children above 5 years old, the Boo toothbrush possesses a small rounded head and soft or ultra soft bristles in order to not agitate the gums. Ecological and practical, it will make you quickly lose your connection to your plastic toothbrush!

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Long brush for children: 14.5x1cm. Long brush for adults: 17x1cm. - Sleeved in moso bamboo (bamboo not consumed by pandas) from forests certified FSC. - Sleeve light and soft, easy to handle. - Sleeve entirely biodegradable and compostable. - Nylon bristles. - Certified to have come from castor oil and not petrol! - 100% recyclable bristles. - Recyclable and biodegradable packaging. - Its lifetime is similar to a class toothbrush (3 months). - The children's toothbrush has ultra soft bristles and the adult's toothbrush has soft bristles. Recycle your bamboo toothbrush. The sleeve of the My Boo Company toothbrush is compostable and the bristles are only recyclable. Solutions: either break off the head or pull out the bristles with pliers (very easy). The sleeve will then be composted or recycled since it is entirely biodegradable! The Boo bristles and the necessary staple are entirely recyclable. Take care of your 'Boo': your toothbrush can lightly whiten, simply because it hasn't been varnished. This phenomenon is natural and normal! To better conserve it, store Boo in a dry place (the water that stains the bottom of toothbrush holders is not its friend!)


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