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Voluptuous Oil

Voluptuous oil is an oil that is destined for pleasure. A soft yet long massage that guarantees relaxation, calm and well-being? and even sympathy. The essential oils of green mandarins and cinnamon makes for a heady, captivating fragrance.

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The product's provocative name summarises the reason of being. Voluptuous oil allows the pleasure of a solo or shared massage. The essential oils of green mandarin and cinnamon make for a heady, captivating fragrance. It is an invitation to discover the senses. One should use without moderation... Our advice is to apply the oil directly on the body, spread the oil and it will massage for you. Composition: sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, green mandarin oil, Ylang ylang oil, cedar essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, vitamin E.


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