Delicious organic Oil

Delicious Oil from Louise Emoi has hydrating and nourishing properties, a fresh and flowery scent, and to touch is dry yet runny. Multipurpose, it can also be used for the face or body or hair.  this oil is composed with sesame oil, apricot kernel, jojoba, a synergy of essential oils. It's also organic and from first cold press ! 


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Apply the oil directly on the body and face. Rub it in well. Run your hands through your hair to remove the majority of the grease still present on the hands, great for dry and brittle hair. For a more profound haircare, put two presses of the Delicious Oil in your hands, spread it out, then massage it in your hair and scalp for one to two minutes to ensure the oil is rubbed through. Leave to sit for an hour, then wash it out from the hair if there is a greasy sensation.


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