ORGANIC LIQUID SOAP olive & laurel 1L

Liquid soap from the range of Pleasant Cosmetics contain no conservatives and are very resistant to bacterial attacks. They don't contain any synthetic chemical surfactant agents (laureth sulfate, cocoaminobutane, etc.), nor any antioxidants (BHT), nor conservatives (parabens) or EDTA.


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 Includes: aqua, potassium olivate, glycerin, olea europea oil, perfume, limonene. Olive and argan: the range contains 12% bio-laurel oil and 85% bio-olive oil. This mix is the most rich in argan oil in the market. Thanks to its content of vitamin E, it is hydrating and allows to fight against the drying up and aging of the skin. Includes: : Aqua, potassium olivate, potassium arganate, glycerin, olea europea oil*, argania spinosa oil*. Pure olive: this product results directly from the saponification of bio-olive oil. It's hypoallergenic. Includes: Aqua, potassium olivate, glycerin, olea europea oil*. *ingredients made from biological agriculture.


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