• Data Collected by the webapp

  • • E-Shop:

    The e-shop based on a Prestashop® framework collect the following data:  

    - IP address (as well as its geolocation and ISP)

    - Origin link

    - browser used

    - Name  

    - First name

    - Age

    - Number of gsm

    - E-mail adress

    - Postal and billing address (postal code / city / street)

    - society

    - viewed articles

    - consultation time

    - Wanted article

    • Server :

    The server uses statistical analysis applications to track the audience of the server. Among them AwStats® and Modules developed to measure. The data collected are the following:

    - IP address (as well as its geolocation and ISP, internet service provider)

    - location

    - language used

    - origin link

    - Navigator

    - viewed pages

    - consultation time

    - type of content consulted

    • Blog:

    The blog is based on the WordPress® framework. The data collected are as follows:

    - IP address (as well as its geolocation and ISP,internet service provider)

    - Origin link

    - browser used

    -  viewed articles

    • Data Collected by third-party applications

    NYLS SPRL only allows a few trusted third party applications to protect your given away this one:

    - Facebook and its sectors (pixel / messenger)

    - Google (google analytics / search console)

    Data collected by its tier applications are stipulated on their RGPD respectively

    For Facebook:



    For Google:


    • Cookies:

    NYLS SPRL does not use your cookies over 460 hours in order to improve your user experience. Cookies are secure do not allow to be diverted during a XSS fault.

    • Becoming data

    • Server

    Data is stored physically on a dedicated server in a data center secure located in the Netherlands, the access of the server is strictly reserved for the technicians of NYLS SPRL.

    A backup also exists on the AWS-S3 ™ Backup Server, however this backup is only accessible to technicians from NYLS SPRL.

    • E-shop

    The data specific to the e-shop are used in order to establish statistics regarding the browse the site and improve your user experience (highlight products that may interest you)

    • Your data

    If you are registered, you can consult the CSV / PDF file form data in the "My Account" tab.

    If you do not have accounts you can still consult your data by giving us your ip address to the administrator ( admin@lessavonsdelyna.com ).

    • Consent to the GDPR

    By accepting the General Data Protection Rules (aka RGPD / GDPR), you consent to the previous collection of data and to their use previously stipulated.

    • Retraction to the RGPD

    You may at any time retract and delete your account and the data linked to it via the "my account" tab of the e-shop.

    For the deletion of data link to your IP address if you have not been registered, please contact the administrator ( admin@lessavonsdelyna.com ) and him communicate the IP address concerned.

    • Data security

    As a security measure the sets of security and device protocols will not be listed here.

    However we can inform you that we protect your data by encryption asymmetric RSA, the site is fault-proof XSS, CSRF, and other injections (SQL ...).

    Access to the server is also highly restricted / secure.

    For more information please contact the administrator ( admin@lessavonsdelyna.com )