Les Savons de Lyna

About Us ?

Located in the heart of the historic district of Marolles in Brussels, Belgium, is nestled a welcoming boutique promoting artisanal soap and organic cosmetics, respectful of the environment. Lyna Soaps have selected the best craftsmen to provide you the exclusivity "Made in France" or "Made in Belgium", by enhancing the local. We rigorously select our suppliers as well as our brands because we believe in the reality of the local economy, by giving priority to short circuits, by developing a sector of local plant raw materials, and strengthening their structures of local transformations.

Our Ethics ?

At Les Savons de Lyna, we think sustainable. We are also committed to the zero waste approach. An approach allowing the reduction of the waste at the source and thus to avoid the production of waste. This approach is taken individually and collectively to strive for a zero waste and zero waste society with better management of our resources and preservation of our environment. We will exclusively offer you in Brussels the authentic blocks of soap from Marseille, as well as cold-cut soap made in Belgium.

Our Products

Note that true Marseille soap and real Aleppo soap are not cold soaps, but if they come from the local production and respectful of the ancestral recipe, then they are as good as a soap. cold although a little less sweet.

The real soap of Marseille is a product totally respectful of the environment. It is biodegradable in less than 28 days. It does not cause any pollution. It is so eco-friendly that we advise you to use it also for the hygiene of the house and the laundry.

Whether on Rue Haute or on our website, you will be able to buy organic cosmetics with a high content of olive oil and essential oils, scented solid shampoos and vegan, natural and ethical treatments.