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The real 'clay that washes', Rhassoul or Ghassoul is a type of volcanic clay collect in the region of the Middle...
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Organic dry oil pepper mint

Dry organic-oils is  applied by spraying and lightly massaging your body as well as your face and damp hair. 100%...
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Delicious organic Oil

Delicious Oil from Louise Emoi has hydrating and nourishing properties, a fresh and flowery scent, and to touch is...

Summer creamy balm

Discover our multi-use shea balm scented by essential bio-oils. This natural balm nourishes and protects your body as...

Olive wood hairbrush

This olive wood hair brush is going to take care of your hair without damaged them. Also, this product is very...

Dry orange blossom oil

Our orange blossom aftershave is a clever blend of vegetable oils of premium quality, thanks to an orange blossom...

Mini hairbrush

This tiny hairbrush will follow everywhere, she's very usefull and easy to cary with


This wood comb will help you to disentangle your hair without damaged them ! 

Calendula balm

Fragile and dry skin. The combination of shea butter for hydration, Marigold in soft almond oil for its calming and...

Bulk shea butter

Discover pure shea butter from the traditional know-how of a "Tamneere" women's cooperative in Burkina Faso. This...

Organic argan oil 100ML

Essaouira organic  argan oil, Morocco, Africa. This queen of the cosmetic world has proved its worth in the past few...

Everlasting Balm

Anti-aging, bumps, bruises, rosaceau, varicose veins? A number of properties of the 'immortal' with apricot kernel...