Everlasting Balm

Anti-aging, bumps, bruises, rosaceau, varicose veins? A number of properties of the 'immortal' with apricot kernel oil makes this balm a real gem for mature and/or dry skin and for all the bumps, bruises, rosaceau and varicose veins? 'Everlasting Maceration' from apricot kernel oil, beeswax


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Louise Emoi: a number of properties from Italian helichrysum oil (everlasting), macerated in apricot kernel oil makes the 'Everlasting balm' have the characteristic fragrance of the 'immortal' (a spicy smell close to curry). It can be used for anti-aging care at night, in the case of bumps, bruises, rosaceau, varicose veins, arthritis or even rheumatisms. Smooth and pure, you only need to put a small amount. The 'immortal' is very concentrated with an oil previously recognised for its anti-aging and rejuvenating effects, making this balm a pure gem that will revive mature and/or dry skin.


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