Calming Balm

Muscular pains, contractions, curvatures, sprains, arthritis, rheumatisms? The mixing together of 'Everlasting Maceration' and essential oils will bring a more efficient solution for muscle, joint or tendon pain. Shea butter from 'Everlasting Maceration' includes oil from apricot kernels, bee wax, a synergy of essential oils.

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Calming from Louise Emoi: the synergy of properties from Italian helichrysum oil macerated in apricot oil and essential oils gives birth to a balm that is particularly effective for muscle, joint and tendon pain. Its eloquent smell, exceptional properties make the Calming Balm unavoidable for small pains and traumas, whether they be from sport, are temporary or daily. Make the balm into a fluid in the hand and apply it on the concerned area. Massage to penetrate the pain. Avoid contact with face and mucous membranes.


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