Organic lavender essential oil


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The true lavender essential oil (or fine lavender or officinal lavender) is obtained by steam distillation of the ears in bloom. Its essential properties are soothing and sedative, antispasmodic, muscular relaxant, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, fluidifying blood and cariotonic, healing and ani-infectious. To prepare for sleep in case of insomnia and anxieties, add a few drops in a collection of honey. Lavender essential oil is also ideal for a hair care by adding five drops in your favorite shampoo. For a soothing and relaxing massage, dilute a few drops in a vegetable oil. It can also be used to accelerate healing, dermatitis and burns. For oily or acne skin, add a few drops to your day cream, to associate with the tea tree for acne skin. A lice threat at school? Use lavender essential oil behind your children's ear as it repels lice. Moreover, you can also use it in your laundry for a sweet flowery fragrance and for its disinfecting properties.


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