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Organic argan oil 100ML

Essaouira organic  argan oil, Morocco, Africa. This queen of the cosmetic world has proved its worth in the past few...

Organic calendula water 100ml

The calendula water has soothing proprieties. She also possesses a relieving congestion power and is thus perfect for...

Organic camomile water 100ml

The camomile water with her soothing proprieties is adapted for dry and irritated skins. Applied on blond hair she's...

Organic nigelle oil

Nigelle oil comes from the seeds of black cumin wich, one pressed cold, give oil to a thousand and benefit. From...

Victim of his own success

ORGANIC Prickly pear seed oil

The vitamin E richness of seed oil offers a rejuvenating power for your skin, it also has a very moisturizing power....