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Cube of Marseille Soap...

This block of traditional Marseille soap holds its green colour and strong content of hydrating olive oil. Extra...

Everlasting Balm

Anti-aging, bumps, bruises, rosaceau, varicose veins? A number of properties of the 'immortal' with apricot kernel...

Calendula balm

Fragile and dry skin. The combination of shea butter for hydration, Marigold in soft almond oil for its calming and...

Cube of Marseille Soap...

The real Marseille Soap is composed of 72% olive oil, 28% salt and fresh water. Olive Oil Marseille soap is...

Delicious organic Oil

Delicious Oil from Louise Emoi has hydrating and nourishing properties, a fresh and flowery scent, and to touch is...

Verbena round soap

Marseille Soap is made from 72% extra soft vegetal oil, 2% perfume. Thanks to hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial...

Liquid Soap Olive Oil

Olive Oil smelling soap. Essential oil from lavandin. For body and hands bottles  in a container of 1L

Victim of his own success
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Shaving soap

The soap bar soap from the Soap Tree, a Belgian soap, ensures you a soft skin during and after shaving. Thanks to the...
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Bulk shea butter

Discover pure shea butter from the traditional know-how of a "Tamneere" women's cooperative in Burkina Faso. This...

Black Cleaning Soap

Made from olive oil and flax oil, this black soap is flavoured. Essential oils of lavandin. This black washer,...