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SMOOTHING BALM almond milk

Discover our multi-use shea balm scented by essential bio-oils. This natural balm nourishes and protects your body as...

BEAUTISS deodorant

BEAUTISS deodorant allows the body to breathe naturally all while preventing the development of bacteria responsible...

Organic calendula water 100ml

The calendula water has soothing proprieties. She also possesses a relieving congestion power and is thus perfect for...

Voluptuous Oil

Voluptuous oil is an oil that is destined for pleasure. A soft yet long massage that guarantees relaxation, calm and...

Calming Balm

Muscular pains, contractions, curvatures, sprains, arthritis, rheumatisms? The mixing together of 'Everlasting...

Organic camomile water 100ml

The camomile water with her soothing proprieties is adapted for dry and irritated skins. Applied on blond hair she's...

Delicious organic Oil

Delicious Oil from Louise Emoi has hydrating and nourishing properties, a fresh and flowery scent, and to touch is...

Organic rose water

The rose water has soothing and calming proprieties that will perfectly suit sensitive skins. The damask rose water...


The deodorant balm is to be applied by finger, like a cream, under the armpits. Its powdery composition and the...

Dry orange blossom oil

Our orange blossom aftershave is a clever blend of vegetable oils of premium quality, thanks to an orange blossom...