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  • Brand: Les Savons de Lyna

Soap Box Aleppo

Retro style box, very practical on a trip. Soap box with flutes to keep the soap dry, durable. Homemade
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The real 'clay that washes', Rhassoul or Ghassoul is a type of volcanic clay collect in the region of the Middle...
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Sea sponge

The natural sea sponge is ideal for the washing of the face and body. It is good for your skin without irritating it...

SOAP FALKES pur olive oil

Marseilles soap shavings without palm oil and without glycerine No animal testing has been used in the manufacturing...

Black household soap

Rethink your household products and take only one! Black soap is used from floor to ceiling, it is effective to...

Small straw basket

This small straw basket is made in Morocco in an old-fashioned way. This small straw basket is 100% natural.


Black soap that guarantees your hammam-style bath ritual, with 100% natural ingredients (without solvent, unlike many...

Bi-carbonate soda 1kg bulk

Ecological and cheap, bi-carbonate soda allows the replacement of a number of cleaning products thanks to its...

Organic hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil is easy to use. Its softness combines with its simplicity. Penetrating and satin for the skin. It serves...