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The tea tree, literally tea tree grows in Australia. It is sometimes said that it owes its name to Captain Cook who, landing around 1770, thought to find there leaves of plants for his "English tea"! It is traditionally known as a panacea for aborigines and nowadays its properties are the subject of much research. This essential oil with the typical fragrance of myrtaceae is first of all considered to be a powerful anti-infective, devoid of aggressiveness and also an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (mycosis of the nail or athlete's foot). Our advice for use You can use it: - pure for a few drops only, in disinfection of small wounds, cuts or in association with true lavender on light burns - diluted on acne and rosacea, in low dilution (from 1 to 3%) and sometimes in combination with the true lavender - in diffusion to clean the air, but its perfume is particular - diluted in the softener of your washing machine to bring a note of freshness to your laundry (Australian plain atmosphere guaranteed)


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