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Lavender washing liquid 2L

Let yourself try the natural washing liquid, "Tallet 1870", with very refreshing and lively essential oils, known for its multiple benefits on the respiratory system.

2 liters

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Produced in Arles, according to the recipe and manufacturing process of our great-great grandfather, this soap is known for its intrinsic qualities and its advantages give you satisfaction in doing your washing! In plain words, our product will be able to fulfil: - Concentration: allows 46 washes per 2L. - Its 'real' fragrance: the essential oil of Eucalyptus Globulus! - No more softener: the detergent will massager the washing without creating static electricity nor screwing the clothes up. - Its simplicity of use: pour in the tray or directly in the drum according to indicated dosages. - Ironing aided by the softness of the washing. - Increases the life of clothes: the fibres aren't aggressive and the washing is washing gently; which allows the use of them for longer!


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