Organic thyme essential oil


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Described by the literature as an immune stimulant, the essential oil of thyme would fight against respiratory infections (flu, cold, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis ...), fungal infections, oral infections, urinary and gynecological. This essential oil also activates the blood circulation and relieves in case of heavy legs, cold extremities or water retention. Follow a formula given by a recognized author, your doctor or pharmacist to use it properly. It is a must for the nose-throat-ears sphere! She is very much appreciated by moms for their children! Our advice for use Consult a published book first, or a doctor or pharmacist before using an essential oil orally or cutaneously. Traditionally, we use the essential oil of Thyme: - cutaneous: non-aggressive, the essential oil of Thyme can be used pure or diluted in a vegetable oil. To apply to the areas to be treated. - in diffusion: do not use prolonged, 5 drops in an atmospheric diffuser are sufficient in general. - Orally: in honey or olive oil, 1 to 2 drops per dose. Do not exceed recommended doses (ask your doctor or pharmacist for aromatherapy).


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